Monday, October 12, 2009

Tips on getting ready with a little under foot

So being a mom and being fashionable don't really seem to go hand and hand anymore. When I pick my son up at school in the afternoon I would say 90% of the moms are wearing their sweatpants. I know that it is hard to find the time to get dressed when you have other little one's still under foot. I am here to tell you it is possible I have a 2 year old under foot all the time (she decided she no longer needs naps) and I still get dressed to pick up my son from K. Here are some tips to distract little ones while still watching them as you get ready.
-Allow your kids to help you get ready. My daughter does this she helps me brush my hair, put my makeup on. (well she watches me put my makeup on) Really just let them play in the bathroom. My daughter has a drawer in my bathroom that is for her and I put new stuff in it all the time to keep her entertained. She only gets to play with it while I get ready so it's a treat for her.
-Take a shower the night before. This one is a must for me, we have to leave the house at 7:15am to take my son to school in the morning. I am not willing to wake up any earlier than 6:30am just to take a shower. My hair is crazy in the morning I am cursed I mean blessed with wavy out of control hair. When I take a shower the night before all I do is flat iron my hair in the morning takes no time at all to make it look pretty good.
-Pick out your clothes the night before if you have something to do the next day that's special. Lunch with friends, play date, PTA, anything that is different from your normal day. Take the time to pick out an outfit that you feel good in.
-Take the time to wear make up. All you need is tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, lip gloss.
-Stand tall and be proud, confidence speaks louder than anything.

This blog is all about giving women the tools and information they need to love their bodies, to be confident, and to give them the tools to in turn help other women. Hope you enjoy!!!

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